Thursday, September 21, 2017


This is one of casual outfit that can be worn everyday. I love the color of the shirt and it looks so classy and in the same time usual, so that is the reason why I put this cute bra on, and let it make a different look. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Fashion Streetwear Short Sleeve Letter Printed Boyfriend Tee WHITE 2XL

Hi girls. Today I am here with another ROSEGAL wishlist. This time is a bit different just because its all about T-shirts that I like and that I ordered so soon you will be able to see my impressions.
This days I am in this kind big baggy shirts, I am most comfortable in them. What I most like about this three pieces is the inscriptions thats so cool. 
Also I need to mention SUMMER DRESSES and the fact that this site has a great sale so you should check it and get yourself maybe some of this shirts that I linked here.


Best Chic Round Neck Short Sleeve Letter Print Flanging Women's T-Shirt BLACK L

Affordable Stylish Round Neck Short Sleeve Letter Pattern Flanging Women's T-Shirt BLACK L

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Hi girls! Here I wanted to show you my wishlist , and start preparing my autumn clothes. You can see the fact that I am in love with jackets and hoodies, because it is my cup of tea for a long time.
But I am in love with this denim jacket so much. It can cool really cool with almost everything. The most important is the size of jacket, I love this kind of jackets to be oversize. More of this items you can see on ROSEGAL and you also can share with me what you see how must have this autumn.
Also you can check out Retro Dresses and enjoy that style if it is something that you are all about.

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Time for new outfit!
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