Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Best Hair Buy

Hello girls, here I am with one of the newest post and information that can make this next season much cooler or different from hot summery days and heavy nights.
So here are some dope things that you can see HERE and the way in which you pick and choose the perfect hair for you is so easy. But first thing that you need to know is that they sale only real and extremely good and quality hair. You can put it easy and by yourself.
The fact that you  can clip them in and then clip them out is the most amazing thing, because that is the way in which you can make a bit of the change when is hair question on a table. Did you ever thought of the possibility of coloring the hair that you buy ? Here you can but also you can see that a color choices are many, so there is no need for it, unless you are really into it.
I will take out some of ideal hair opportunities here from this site, so we have BestHairBuy with clips in hair extensions. Next is BODY WAVE and the last one for today is STRAIGHT HAIR.
If you did try this brand and you have some experience and knowledge about them, be free to share that with me without any hesitation at all. I am really into long hair and I love to see long and healthy hair so this is perfect alternative for this once how have issues with growing hair.

You can also FIND THEM HERE:

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Valle Dei Templi

Hello guy, whats up?
Here I am again with another post from Sicily, and this one is a pretty different then the previous.
Does it looks like desert? It felt like desert. It was crazy hot day and I don know how I managed to survive that day. So after all that hard time dealing with sun I got an amazing photos.
I loved all about that time that I spent there. It was actually at Valle Dei Templi - Agrigento. 

All on me is ZARA
Shoes NIKE 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Day in Cefalu | Sicily |

Hello there, its been a long time that I did not post anything and that I did not talk about fashion and travel here. After all here I am, back on work and with good news, and dope photos form my vacation on Sicily. I have been in this small town for a day and I shoot this cute dress that looks absolutely amazing. 
Tell me what do you think about this easy outfit and the bit color on it.