Monday, March 19, 2018

ZAFUL 2018

new Printed Button Up Drawstring Waist Shirt Dress - PURPLISH BLUE ONE SIZE

Hello girls. This is a fresh year so I have to add something important on this start of the fashion year, and share my love for ZAFUL with all of you, all over again. 
As all of you are girls that have your own blog or you are in love with fashion, you probably know that this is the best site of this kind. Every item is well done and fulfill all expectations that you get over the photos that they post on it, about every item up on the site.
Very important fact is that site has something to offer, and this one offers a lot. Covers every taste out there. That being said CASUAL DRESSES FOR WOMAN is one of couple that I will mentioned in this post. This is into every season that comes and with every new trend that world depends on, and most of all, that is the trend that world dictate. On all of as is whatever we will be up to it or not. Whatever is your answer, you have everything on here.
RETRO DRESSES are one of few that are out on every discussion by are they in or they are not. Is hard to risk and add something different in your wardrobe, that is not usual and that world does not welcome with  open mind. This is option for get lost or make a point.

affordable Half Button Striped Flare Dress - MUSTARD M

ZAFUL FLORAL DRESSES are here and you are ready for spring 2018. This spring is all abut floral items, dresses that covers all and shows much more than eye can see. That is for the fact the naked truth that fashion wants to prepare us for. All behind that is that more then eyes can see is exactly those things that imagination has to add.
For all of you that wants to read something new or something that this site plans to make as new addision, you have ZAFUL BLOG so feel free to visit them and learn that one or a couple things that you did not know or just maybe want to check it out.

fancy Floral Print V Neck Drawstring Dress - FLORAL ONE SIZE

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


 Hello girls, today I will share with you my new favorite item that I can not stop wear. This grey crop sweater with lovely pearls is from ZAFUL. As you all know it is  my favorite site with 
most quality wardrobe. I like to wear it with simple things, some black high waist jeans. 
Also I added my red sunglasses to spice up a look a little bit.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


See Through Bell Sleeve Lace Top - WHITE XL

Hello ladies. 
This year gives opportunity for all of us to give the best of ourselves and have amazing start.
In that spirit I will show you some items that I find interesting and cool, so
maybe you can begin with it.
Here we have GAMISS and really smart items of choice. 
I been mixing casual and everyday look thinking that it can look cool. And not just think, I know how cool it  is when you know how to wear it.

Now is the turn to play with fashion if you didnt start with it last year. This site is amazing to start with it. All about that is to have your own style and to enjoy living it.

Sweatshirt Mini Dress with Corset Belt - GRAY XL

Striped Layered Sleeve Shirt - STRIP PATTERN L

Striped Floral Lace Panel Blouse - STRIPE M

Lace-up Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt - PEARL KUMQUAT XL

Bell Sleeve Tier Flounce Top - WHITE M

One Shoulder Top with Drawstring Sleeve - BLACK L