Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello guys! Today I want for autumn colors and little girly outfit. I really like all of those colors and I feel really good in it. Here was to many rainy days, and this was a perfect time to give myself moment for cute outside movement. The perfect touch I think that is this SOUFEEL bracelet and this personal necklaces. If you want closer look of my jewelry, you can see it HERE.

LIPS - HERE - Shabby Chic *color


Thursday, December 8, 2016 - BLACK DRESS

Guys!!!!! Can you see my new amazing black dress?? How pretty it is? I love to wear it with this boots, I think that make it even prettier. I get it form! Yes, I am obsessed with this site.



Sunday, December 4, 2016


Rezultat slika za bloggers

For a long time I wanted to share something like this with all of you. 
I think that all of you girls saw Youtubers and that you all know how friendly they are with each other. They even get together thought events that Youtube organize for them. 
I want to speak about us, Bloggers. I want to meet girls behind those post and all those fashion comments and opinions. I personally like that we are all around the world. I know that most of as travel time to time, so in that way we can meet and spend some time together, share story, maybe even work some post together. 

I made FACEBOOK GROUP for girls that like my idea. 
I would like to hear your opinions and I would also like to see that you really get my idea in right way. I see it as amazing opportunity to travel and meet more people with same passion like yours. Maybe we can make nice friendships...the possibilities are numerous. 

Love you all!!!
Leave comment bellow and tell me frankly what you think about this.


If you like it, share it with bloggers that you think that would like this 
or once that you would like to see in this group 
or maybe in their countries.