Saturday, November 3, 2018

Outfit #1/11 / hoodie /

One beautiful autumn day, and one pretty autumn background.

I went for one casual look and added just an cute denim jacket to make it a bit interesting. I love the hoodie, the fact that it is crop it makes it even better. I love the quality I really can say that this item is so good and it fits amazing. I love the color of it, that is the main reason why I choose this one.
This is from the brand who offers a lot of cool stuff, you must check it out. If every item is the same quality as this one, then we have one amazing site on which we can buy cheap and good stuff in the same time, because this is I will be honest, really rare.

Because of that I have some information for all of you girls out there, they have awesome and cheap sexy dresses and most of all wholesale dresses, please check it HERE.

And if you are interested in my hoodie and you like it, you can find it - HERE.
I am honest and this is my first order form them and I can easily say that I am in love with 
what they can give us as customers. 
Write your opinions and experience with them if you have any.
And of course tell me what do you like and what would you buy from them,
in case that it is this hoodie on me, please let me know so I can see that you guys have awesome taste for fashion.  


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Outfit #10/18

Hello girls. I come up with one new outfit so I want to share that with you.
It is not something crazy not ever matchable but I love how it looks, gives some classy vibe.
So what I did is that I wanted to look a bit different and I went for some neck accessorises which looks great, I can say better then expected. And on top of that all I made my hair to look like this what you can see on photos, but I am not so sure that it can be called bun. :)

BLAZER - Bershka

Friday, October 26, 2018

BestHairBuy Lace Front Wigs

Pre-Plucked 250% Density Human Hair Deep Curly Lace Front Wigs

Hey ladies, here is the new post about wigs, again. I wanna say that this kind of wigs are the best, and it is also the useful kind that you can purchase. So BestHairBuy has some awesome Lace Front Wigs that you check it out and see what you are interested in. Now I need to say something about this wigs, so they are really soft and looks like natural hair on you, and I know that it is the main issue with choosing the right wig. They have real shine and lay really good on a head. It is really important to pick the right one so they do not look fake on you. It is all about quality and shape. Maybe you do not even need this but lets see of Halloween? Some cool parties or something like that? I am all about that and having fun & playing around with nice hairstyles. I pick this once because I like this vibe so much, too bad that looks horrible on me. But well I tried. And I still really like it, expressly the second one. Now on the other note we have African American Wigs & this is the wild one. I think that this type of hairstyles are that so amazing! I love this looks and the best of all is the fact that it is good quality wig that you can wear without thinking, oh someone will see that it is fake, and they will not because it is so good that looks as natural as it is possible. I will introduce you will another thing more, which is Discount Coupon .We all know what coupon is, so fell free to use it and enjoy maybe your first purchase on this site.This sale is pretty good so use it and share your thoughts with me. 

Pre-Plucked Brazilian Virgin Hair Natural Wavy Bob Wigs
Pre-Plucked Brazilian Virgin Hair Lace Front Bob Wigs