Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spring Lady

Today I wanted to say something about spring/summer spirit. I never loved any of dose but I still do not want to my energy depends from season. I will make every day special and different, just for me. :) Am I selfish? I do not think so. Because of it, I am in the dress that I do really like, and in my daddies jacket. who cares. On the top of all I put my spring wreath, to give the outfit one cute note.

Friday, June 3, 2016


Today I want to open a topic that I know all girls and all those who have any kind of problem and insecurity,are interested in. I must point out that many people give themselves the right to discuss other people's lives or in this case the appearance. You never see the true depth of it all, or consider how and what led to the current situation. People all look very surface, not interested in anyone's happiness, but only their own.
Inspired by that, I wanted to speak to you. I know that you might have more insecurities than it should, and that makes me very disappointed in the society in which we live. I want to say that you need to be aware that no one can judge you, because they are doing that to themselves.
People actions speak for their authors and not of the personality that were sent to. You must be confident in yourself and your quality. Do not let anyone sway of self-respect. You are special, just like all of us. We live this life the best we know .

Someone can love you more than you think.
You can achieve more than anyone expect.
You are free to make this life the best story that you can share with world.
Your body is someones motivation.
May be your eyes are opened to see true beauty of life and love along.

** they are for such moments as this, when body and soul rise in mutiny against their rigour **

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hello guys. I was preparing some coco milk, and it was so new for me. It smells so amazing and it is so healthy. I do not know did you ever try coco water, but I did, and I do not like it at all. So my mother wanted to try one recipe and it was the same as that one that I bought. I do not like texture, may be it is the reason why I really do not like it at all. But the milk is so good, just amazing. If you tried that, tell me do you like at and if you not, tell me is it the same reason why I do not like it.

Ćao društvo. Pripremala sam kokosovo mlijeko, što je u suštini novo za mene. Najviše mi se dopao miris, a ono što je najbolje jeste to što je sve zdravo što sam pripremala. Ne znam da li ste ikada probali kokosovu vodu, ja jesam i moram vam reći da mi se nije svidjelo, Iz tog razloga moja je majka probala da napravi kokosovu vodu po nekom receptu, ali je voda bila ista kao i ona koju sam kupila. Moram istaći da mi se mlijeko  više sviđa. Možda je razlog zbog kojeg mi se voda ne viđa baš u teksturi, koja je drugačija od mlijeka. Ako ste probali, pišite u komentarima kako vam se viđa ili zašto vam se ne sviđa nešto od navedenog u ovom postu.