Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Magic city of Montenegro, Perast

I recently visited this beautiful city on the very south of Montenegro, and what impressed me is how this much beauty fits in such a small space, a heavenly. The city is called Perast, and here the climate is amazing, just like gazing at the expanse that merges with the blue sky, inspires serenity. A large number of boats and fishermen have given a vivid picture of this city which is on the feet till son comes dawn. There are few places that you mast visit so that realize the spirit of this small town. Like any city, and this exhales the spirit of another time, somebody else time , time generation behind us. Quiet, but also a very established, it invites us to identify ourselves with him, and look into his soul for abandoned  miles that are behind us.

There are two small islands, one of them is St. Đorđe which is naturally occurring. On the island is the monastery of the twelfth century, and it is called Benediktinski monastery.
On the other hand, we have an island that was created artificially, and not far from the previous, side by side. It is called Gospa od Škrpjela.


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