Thursday, October 22, 2015


We all know what it is and when is a Halloween. We are also familiar with how the day is celebrated. Although in my country Montenegro, we do not celebrate that night.
It is not part of our tradition, so some families organize the Halloween for themselves and provide themselves this pleasure.


Do you all celebrate this date?

Sweater For Fall/Autumn 2015

Autumn is my favorite time in the year.
I'm obsessed with all types of autumn. From the beauty of nature this time of year, up to the amazing wardrobe.
Sweaters are my favorites.  

Here is a handful of really beautiful and warm autumn pieces.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Chloé | Bags

Cool and modern, the Chloé bags day-to-night bags with a strong fashion identity.
Its elegant and fresh appeal comes from a light and petite design,
 while a glamorous 70s spirit connects to Chloé’s heritage. 




Wednesday, October 7, 2015

As Inspiration

She is an inspiration in the most positive way possible.
 One of the few who has your life in some way dedicated to humanitarian work and encourage young people to be aware of their reality.
No one  could not condemn by the past. It is important that people make during their lifetime.
She is an inspiration in every respect, in every picture expresses a particular emotion, which gives life to what many of us do not know. Fear, pain, sadness and poverty.
Thanks to her, because I learned to give more than you receive.