Saturday, November 7, 2015


Balmain's haute couture.
 A few days ago came out fashion collection at H&M and she's attracted people's attention.
However it is truly deserved this collection because it is something completely different,
 than what are we used to see from designers.
Whether you were able to see outfits from the new collection, 
 if so please tell your impressions.


  1. Great pictures, have a good day

  2. Great photos

    I follow you and I'm watting for you ;)


  3. love this new collection

  4. I've heard a lot about this campaign. This is certainly an opportunity because more people can afford clothes famous designer who has a house of fashion, and clothes are not the cheapest. In my country there were only 2 stores kolkejki was immensity.They are for sale online clothes sold out immediately. The presale for which there were several people invited people seized clothes niepatrząć on size. Madness, but certainly a unique opportunity.