Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hi guys! Today I am very excited, because I got my new jacket!!! I am in love with it! I wanted for a long time to get jacket like this, but I did not found any that I love this much. I love that it is black and with this amazing details, which makes it more awesome!! I do not know do you like this jackets, but I really do! It is really dope and I will so good in it. I want to tell that I love this choker so much, so you will see it in couple of post because I am obsessed with it. :D

Ćao društvo! Veoma sam uzbuđena! Danas ću vam pokazati moju novu jaknu!!! U potpunosti sam opsjednuta njome. Već dugo vremena sam provela tražeći neku jaknu sličnu ovoj, ali nijedna me nije oduševila kao ova. Sviđa mi se bukvalno sve vezano za nju. Ono što je najljepše jeste što je crna, a ovi detalji koji je čine izričto fenomenalnom, dovode do toga da sa njom i u jednostavnoj kombinaciji možete da izgledate odlično. Najbitnije je da se u njoj osjećam baš udobno, da ne spominjem koliko ću je tek često nositi nakon ovih vrućina, koje čini mi se nikako da ne prolaze. :) Da, moram da skrenem paznju i na choker koji ću nositi u velikom broju budućih postova, samo da vas unaprijed obavijestim. :D Ja uvjek pretjerujem sa stvarima koje mi se dopadaju. :*


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

STEP - BY - STEP Guide on Preparing for Homecoming Night

The lead up to homecoming can be full of mixed emotions, highs and lows not to mention heaps of fun. Preparing for your homecoming night can be easier if you have a plan of action however. This is where our comprehensive step-by-step guide comes into play. In this guide, we feature some essential stages you will need to have ticked off your list before your homecoming night.

But, before we delve deep into this guide, let’s take a trip down memory lane in this timeline about the origins of homecoming:

<iframe src='https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline3/latest/embed/index.html?source=1KmJqeynNxgxQ8rV4GycM58YcJYh05fJj7YwIKOvACW4&font=Dancing-Ledger&lang=en&initial_zoom=2&height=650' width='100%' height='650' frameborder='0' rel='nofollow' rel='noindex'></iframe>

If you like to add this timeline to your blog or website, you can use this embed code:

<textarea readonly="readonly" style="margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; width: 100%; height: 135px; background:#f4f4f4"><iframe src='https://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timeline3/latest/embed/index.html?source=1KmJqeynNxgxQ8rV4GycM58YcJYh05fJj7YwIKOvACW4&font=Dancing-Ledger&lang=en&initial_zoom=2&height=650' width='100%' height='650' frameborder='0' rel='nofollow' rel='noindex'></iframe><br/>This timeline is created by <a href="http://www.promdressshop.com/" target="_blank">Prom Dress Shop</a></textarea>

Now that you already know about the origins of homecoming, let’s go back to the homecoming preparation guide.

When preparing for homecoming, you should know that there are some things that are more essential than others therefore must be prioritized. We assume you have already started looking for (if not already purchased) your actual dress! That’s the best part of course. If you are still searching for the perfect gown, check out the Prom Dress Shop for this year’s most trendy homecoming dresses. Here you will discover a range of styles from affordable designers and your favorite evening wear labels.

So, you have your dress. What’s next? Follow this guide to be homecoming-ready and have no last minute stresses before the big day!

Hiring transport

You may opt for a full-fledged kitted out limo, a Hummer, a Bentley, the great thing is there are lots of options now for homecoming-goers. However, as there are many people who would attend the event and your pals from school are highly likely to hire transport, you’re going to want to book ASAP. Here are some of the things you will need to tick off your checklist:

Ø  Put one person in your group in charge of arranging the transport. They should arrange the time and date with the driver and ensure numbers have been confirmed – that’s if you want to share your ride.
Ø  Hunt down a reliable limo company with a good reputation and good rates too. A local Google search is a must if you want to pin down someone local in good time.
Ø  Search around for good quotes and don’t be afraid to haggle a bit for a better deal!
Ø  Make sure you have your numbers right. Some limos can seat up to 24 people! So the more of your friends you have on board, the cheaper it will be for each person.
Ø  Then reserve! You want to book your driver down at three to five months before the homecoming night. You will also be competing with weddings and other events in your area.
Ø  Remember to get essential details such as the pickup point, payment details, names and numbers.

Getting your skin ready for homecoming

Another big element is having photo-ready skin for all of the snaps that are going to be taken on the big night. You don’t want to be photographed looking as old as your school does. You want your skin to be glowing weeks before the night even happens. This one is a little trickier to control but with the right skincare regime; you can take care of your wrinkles and blemishes in no time. Use these tips to get a good head start:

Ø  Get into a good routine of drinking lots of water daily. Also start the day with a cleanse! This may be a veggie/fruit smoothie or a warm lemon water to flush the previous day’s toxins away and give you a fresh start.
Ø  Go to a beautician. Finding one near you before they get booked up is a great idea. Getting regular cleanse facials with a gentler exfoliator/microdermabrasion before putting on a cleansing mask will really help get your skin ready for homecoming. They can also suggest skin care ranges that really care for your skin specifically.
Ø  If you have skin issues – don’t fret! If you have acne, consider getting weekly facials in the run up to your homecoming. Getting into a good routine from at least four months prior to your homecoming is a great idea.
Ø  Paracetamol/pain killer those spots away! This trick always works for last minute pimples that appear before homecoming. You can also get over the counter acne medication for more advanced acne.
Ø  Getting into a good waxing routine before. You want to book an appointment for your brows or facial hair at least five days before homecoming.

Doing your own make-up? Last minute beauty tips before homecoming

Everything you do can really help your face and overall look for the homecoming. This may be investing in the right foundation to buying quality hairspray. Here are some top tips:

Ø  Get the right foundation pinned down a few weeks before homecoming. The perfect shade with the right matte or silk finish you desire will take time to choose. You also want to buy the right application brush to ensure it goes on smoothly and ends up looking flawless.
Ø  Invest in a decent concealer. Once again, you need to do your research and get to know the best concealer for your skin that can camouflage any wrinkles and blemishes. When you have your secret weapon, get all those t-zone areas, the chin and any unwanted bags under your eyes. Also remember to take it in your bag as it can wear thin every few hours.
Ø  Take shine-sheets with youPrevent the greasy photo look. Let’s face it, if you have oily skin or if you don’t, once you get in a room with lots of people and start dancing, you’re bound to sweat. These compact blotting sheets help you stay shine-free throughout the night.

DIY hairstyle? Make sure you:

Ø  Buy a quality hairspray that keeps your hairstyle in hold. Keeping your hair firmly in place throughout the night is essential. It can also help add volume to your luscious locks and get you creating the perfect effect with your chosen hairstyle. It really helps to get rid of oily sheens too.
Ø  To make the hold even stronger if you have fine hair, use a light spray first then spray the stronger one starting at the roots. This will provide a double strength to hold your hair down no matter what you do!
Ø  Styling cream and heat protection products will help you style and curl with confidence.
Ø  To get luscious curls, the one inch tongs specifically for curling are perfect. After wrapping your hair round and twisting it up, set them and spray them again to give extra-hold.

Booking your beauty or hair appointment 

You may want to book and leave it up to the professionals which takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and gives you the full pampering experience. So why not! Just make sure you do a bit of prep yourself. This includes ensuring you do your research to get the right hairstyle ideas pinned down to give your hairstylist direction for what you want. Also, you will want to do the same for make-up and have some shades in mind for eye shadow, blusher and lipstick.

Top tip 1: Book a trial run. With your hairdresser and beautician, pin them down a month before and do a practice run to get your look down. This means when your homecoming day comes you know exactly what you’re doing and this leaves little room for error.
Top tip 2: Book months in advance. This is peak season for hairdressers and beauticians so you want to make sure you get in there early!
Top tip 3: The same applies to your manicure and pedicure. Get your colors in mind and decide if you want gels or fake nails applied as this will have to be done in advance.
Top tip 4: Consider whether you want to do fake tanning and whether you are going to DIY or pre-book with your beautician to give you that natural glow!

Following this guide in the lead up to your homecoming will really ensure everything goes smoothly and prepares you in the best way possible. You can take the rest easy and go with the flow as things take care of themselves. Just follow this guide and you’re sure to look glamorous while enjoying the homecoming party with your friends.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hi guys! Here I am with another post. I wanted to start something new, so I want to share it with you. When people say that you need to start something new, different and to improve yourself, it depends of you. What you think that you need to change. Here I am, my wish is to start getting healthier life. From now we need to see difference. :D What do you want to change on long or small terms? Write it in comments, lets share story.

Ćao društvo! U ovom novom postu želim da pričam na malo drugačiju temu, ali neću opširno o tome. Dakle, hoću da promjenim to nešto što možda smatram trenutno neophodnim, vremenom vidjeću da li je to smo trenutna situacija, ali potrudiću se da na duži period sprovedem ovu promjenu. Započeći sa zdravijim načinom ishrane, da vidimo da li će to donijeti neke rezultate. :D Šta bi ste vi htjeli da promijenite na duži ili kraći period? Pišite dolje u komentarima, hajde da podjelimo naše priče.


Thursday, July 7, 2016


Forme Fourreau Col montant Satin Traîne moyenne Robes de mariée avec Dentelle Fendue devant Deux piècesForme Fourreau Col U profond Tulle alayage/Pinceau train Robes de mariée avec Dentelle

 Hello girls!!! Here I am to tell you why I am in love with this dresses. Here is a couple of dresses that I adore. On this website you can find those that I pick, and post here: BABYONLINE DRESS
I know that we talk about this in the past, but here I am again with most amazing things and dreams that every girl has. When time comes you know what you want to wore that day. I really like to see this kinds of dresses because it looks so romantic and I love it. I hope that you will like them too.
Leave the comment about it. Love you all dolls!

Ćao cure!!! Ovdje sam da sa vama podijelim razloge zašto sam zaljubljena u ove haljine koje sam objavila u ovom postu. Ovdje je sajt na koji možete pogledati ostatak ponuda, jer zaista ima haljina po svačijem ukusu. BABYONLINE DRESS je adresa na kojoj ćete vidjeti veći broj vjenčanica i svečanih haljina. Moram napomenuti da je ovo jedno od bitnih momenata svakoj djevojci i dio možda njenog sna, Što se mene tiče ja jako volim ovakve haljine, jer mi izgledaju veoma romantično i zaista je lijepo vidjeti ovako nešto, Nadam se da će se i vama svidjeti. Ostavite u komentarima vaše mišljenje o svemu ovome. :)  Volim Vas! :*

Forme Princesse Col montant alayage/Pinceau train Mousseline polyester Robe de mariée avec Perles Fendue devantForme Princesse Epaules nues Tulle Traîne moyenne Robes de mariée avec Dentelle

Forme Princesse alayage/Pinceau train Col U profond Dentelle Nouveau Robes de mariée Princesse avec Nœud à bouclesForme Princesse Longueur ras du sol Col bateau Dentelle Nouveau Robes de mariée Princesse avec Dentelle

Forme Sirène/Trompette alayage/Pinceau train Col en V Satin Nouveau Robes de mariée sirène avec DentelleForme Sirène/Trompette alayage/Pinceau train Col U profond Organza Nouveau Robes de mariée sirène avec Dentelle

Forme Sirène/Trompette Traîne moyenne Col en cœur Dentelle Nouveau Robes de mariée sirène avec DentelleForme Sirène/Trompette alayage/Pinceau train Col en V Dentelle Nouveau Robes de mariée sirène avec Dentelle