Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hello there!
This week we have some amazing news for all of you. Till the end of this month we have giveaway for all of those who love fashion. Its about MEGA SALE on site with which I cooperate before, and which product I know that are amazing. ZAFUL has everything that girl wants, so go ahead and be a part of this.Beside that YOU CAN WIN $100 gift card on ZAFUL and all that you need to do is to pick your favorite items and leave that links in comment bellow along with e-mail in which they can contact you.  
I hope that you enjoy this. Leave me a great feedback.

you need to leave in comments:

- links of items that you like
- your e-mail

Public Time: Dec 1-3

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hello guys!

Today I will share with you RoseGal new campaign that can benefit you all.
To start I need to say what is "DOUBLE 11", that is a opportunity for you all to buy anything on sale  on they site. I will share that link with you, so you can experience it, just click HERE and enjoy.

They also have an app so you can stay in touch with everything they offer and any other news that comes form them. So download ROSEGAL APP and be in each step with them.

Click - HERE

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hi! This new shirt is my favorite forever!!! Can you see how cute it is?? I love it! This is one more product from !!! I love that it is a long sleeves crop top..

You can find it HERE


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Aisle Style DRESSES

What's up?! Those days I like to post my outfits, but I think that my blog needs to stay open and friendly, as it was in the beginning. I love to share so many things about fashion and life style with you all. In that spirit I have one amazing online shop to present you! I talk about Aisle Style, they have some great items for so many occasions. I will list it all here for you here.So they have CHEAP PROM DRESSES which you can start visiting now, to prepare yourself for your magic prom night. You can also find SHORT PROM DRESSES if you already know which tip of dress you want that night,and then also LONG SLEEVE which are my favorite let me just say that. :) Next category are BACKLESS PROM DRESSES I need to say that I saw a lot of this dresses last year on prom nights. 
I did't went on my prom night, but I listed here photos of some that I would wear for shore. On my list also are LONG PROM DRESSES, they are oh so damn perfect, I could not choose just one. For the end I leave this UK PROM DRESSES because here you have some top dresses that you might like, without using filters for exact tip of dress if you are not 100% shore what you search in dress. I need to ad that this dresses are custom-made and also high quality. You will see that I spoke the truth about how amazing they are. I really love this blue color, do not know why, but it looks so powerful that  I can not explain it. 
I hope that I helped a bit those girls that are into searching for right prom dress.

Love you all,             

Unique Sleeveless Lace overlay Tulle Cocktail Dress

Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hello! This day I spend playing with my dog. His name is Leo, and he is crazy when I am around him. Also I wanted to make this outfit special, because I like it so much! This leggings are so comfortable and I love this color. The magic is that you can wear them with crop top or with usual shirt and it will look amazing in the same way. I get it from !!! This online shop is amazing, low price but great quality of all products!

Yes, this is my new necklace, you can find it HERE


Thursday, November 3, 2016


I love dark colors so much! So today this was my outfit of day. I really love this combination and my hair also, because those are rear moments. I do not know do you like my choker with whole of this, but I am in love with it. This is a kind of middle of fall outfit, it is not to cold or to worm, so it is ideal way to go throw day.