Monday, December 26, 2016

Best Iron

 Hello girls! I was waiting for this to long! So let's start. I got this iron from Irresistible Me and I was testing it for about 3 months. Firstly, I waited so damn long for plug to come, and then I started the process, I am so in love with it, so as you can see this iron does job as it should be done. I had so many irons before and I was never pleased with them. This one is so easy to use and it is light which makes it even better. This is my routine every time when I wash my hair, I use this iron, and you can see in last photo how it makes my hair look amazing and much healthier.


Tell me what is your opinion about it, if you try it already. 

xx Marry Christmas


                                     BEFORE                                                                   AFTER  

Friday, December 23, 2016


Hi there! Can you see how cold it was here? :) Whatever, I like this place so much! It was one of favorit places when I used to walk when I was little. Now I rarely go there, but it is still so pretty. In autumn it is so grayish as you can probably see, but wait for the spring. :) Back to my outfit, so I went for gray sweater which is so warm and comfortable (if you can say that for a sweater) is so nice and soft just like the sweater should be in winter time.

Sweater - HERE

Friday, December 16, 2016


Hi! Well, I got something from my wishlist that I shared with you this mouth. I am crazy about this bomber jackets. I tried to find this color and I finally got this one. Looks amazing and you can wear it with anything. Also under this amazing jacket I am wearing simple shirt in grey color, with small print. I love how it goes together.


Monday, December 12, 2016


Did you have fun today or fall in love? Do you want to know my answer? Oh, yes I did, I fall in love. As a blogger, fashion lover, you know how easy is for me to fall in love. Those days my best on the go hoodie is this crop top one. The shape is amazing and color is for and on anything. In this little baby you can look awesome without even trying. I want to know do you like it, please leave comment bellow and tell me. Love u!


Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hello guys! Today I want for autumn colors and little girly outfit. I really like all of those colors and I feel really good in it. Here was to many rainy days, and this was a perfect time to give myself moment for cute outside movement. The perfect touch I think that is this SOUFEEL bracelet and this personal necklaces. If you want closer look of my jewelry, you can see it HERE.

LIPS - HERE - Shabby Chic *color


Thursday, December 8, 2016 - BLACK DRESS

Guys!!!!! Can you see my new amazing black dress?? How pretty it is? I love to wear it with this boots, I think that make it even prettier. I get it form! Yes, I am obsessed with this site.



Sunday, December 4, 2016


Rezultat slika za bloggers

For a long time I wanted to share something like this with all of you. 
I think that all of you girls saw Youtubers and that you all know how friendly they are with each other. They even get together thought events that Youtube organize for them. 
I want to speak about us, Bloggers. I want to meet girls behind those post and all those fashion comments and opinions. I personally like that we are all around the world. I know that most of as travel time to time, so in that way we can meet and spend some time together, share story, maybe even work some post together. 

I made FACEBOOK GROUP for girls that like my idea. 
I would like to hear your opinions and I would also like to see that you really get my idea in right way. I see it as amazing opportunity to travel and meet more people with same passion like yours. Maybe we can make nice friendships...the possibilities are numerous. 

Love you all!!!
Leave comment bellow and tell me frankly what you think about this.


If you like it, share it with bloggers that you think that would like this 
or once that you would like to see in this group 
or maybe in their countries.