Saturday, April 22, 2017


Backless Mesh Panel Skater Dress - WHITE XL

Hi there! Here I am with ROSEGAL wishlist. This spring I am whole into dresses, so I pick out some of my favorite once, maybe some of once that I already ordered, who would know. :)
I fancy bright colors and baggy style, so I find that pieces, 
This first dress is absolutely awesome, I love it! Its different form most of dresses that sites give to us, so I find it amazing.

This is what I like, tell me what do you think about my wishlist.

Love you all!
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Off The Shoulder Flowy Embroidered Blouse - WHITE XL

Streetwear Openwork Lace Off-The-Shoulder Dress - PINK L

Boho Lace-Up Print Mini Dress - GREEN M

Mini Plunging V Neck Chiffon Dress - YELLOW M

Tuesday, April 18, 2017



I will show you my new BEST THING EVER! I got this mounts ago and I still can not stop laving it.
I placed everything in one order and it gives me will to do make up and everything else.
I clean it on regular basis and it is really easy which I like the most.

You can find it HERE!

Friday, April 14, 2017

MUBRIDAL SUPPLIES Long Sleeves Floor-Length Church Fall Trumpet/Mermaid Natural Appliques Garden/Outdoor Wedding Dress Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Hello girls! Today once again I will write something about wedding dresses. I will show you the best of MUBRIDAL through this awesome post. :) So lets start. You can see so many cool and extraordinary dresses, that they can ship to you. Now some of SIMPLE WEDDING DRESSES you can find right here. Once you enter in this online shop, you will start planning your wedding, and that is pretty nice effect that they can bring to you, 

I pick this dress because I see it as amazing piece and you can shoot some awesome wedding photos within this wedding dress.
Share with me how you picture your wedding dress in the comments bellow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Make Up Tools

 Hello! Today I share my experience with you, all about this products.
*So we have STAND for my sponge and any girls who has it know how hard is to find the perfect space to hold it, so this is one amazing thing that I ever bought. 
*Next one is this GREAT BRASH that I freaking love!! This is the best brash for contour your face. It is really good and the price is pretty low. Is nice quality and I use it all the time,
*The last one, but for sure not least BRASH CLEANER saved my life and my face for sure. :D
I could not clean my brash good enough and fast as I did with these once that I will show you in the pictures bellow. I use it every week and it does the job every time the same as the first time. I do not know if you saw something like that earlier but you must buy it if you did not, cuz it is so good and last forever.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Little Black Bag

 Hi girls!!! I need to show you my new little bag that I love! I wanted something to surprise my friend and I chose this bag for her. I think that the best gift is something that you can use anytime and for a long term. I see this bag as bag for any occasion and pretty much for every girl. You just need bag for anytime of day. I also want to shout out that you can fit so much in this bag, and it is a such quality.

If any of you has one, please write bellow. My friend is in love with my present,
I am happy for that.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

COCOWIG SUPPLIES 100g 1Pack Straight Human Hair  Clip in Hair Extensions

Hi girls!! Now I will show you an amazing site where you can find hair extensions. I talk about Cocowig which is one of the most popular sites with a lot of offers, so you can find what you want for yourself. Also you can find the bast and most popular hair style wigs. It is super cool because you can pick human hair and you can find cheaper once. You can check it out here - WIGS.

Curly Human Hair Wigs

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Prom Desses

You all know how I write a lot about Prom and I share my favorite dresses that I would wear on that event. I also know that you like my taste and now I will share new and awesome place where you can find perfect dress for yourself, it is ShirPromDress
You can find here affordable prom dresses and also you can check out long prom dresses which are by the way my favorite once.

Now tell me what do you think about this once that I pick. :)

Love you all!
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Sunday, March 12, 2017


Gray Embroidered Floral Elegant Crew Neck Two Piece Maxi Dress

Hi girls!!! You are probably wondering where to fine this amazing and super spring dresses that I added here, so your answer is STYLEWE. I need to say that I absolutely love this white ones, cuz they look so cute and girly. You also can find super cool SHORT PARTY DRESSES that can get really good impression. I mast point out SWIMWEAR 2017 which you need to check out.
I have high belief of this amazing items that you can find there.

I hope that you like all of this that I attached and that you will sand me a great feedback.

Love you all!
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Animal Embroidered Casual Long Sleeve Crew Neck Maxi Dress
3/4 Sleeve Girly Floral-embroidered A-line Evening Dress

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Japan Candy Box + GIVEAWAY!!!

Hi guys! Today I will take a moment and say how much I love candy, as a most of us I think. So I have a really GREAT giveaway for all of you! I had tasted this amazing Japan candies and I love it. It is pretty cool to try some other candies form country that is far away. Here is a opportunity for all of you to try to WIN JAPAN BOX CANDY!!!




Friday, March 3, 2017

Long Sleeve Shift Dress

Batwing Sleeve Knee Length Shirt Dress

Hi girls!!! I have been loving my work as a blogger, and I try to improve my skills so I can provide you the best content and make you happy to be a part of my bloggerish world. In name of that I will show you new site where I pick this amazing dresses YOSHOP...VISIT IT NOW! What I love about them is that they have amazing stuff, you can by from fashion to the electronics.

This amazing and diverse dresses you can still fine on LONG SLEEVE SHIFT DRESS. I chose a few from every possible occasion and I like this shirt- dresses I think that they are so cool for spring, which is by the way on our doorstep.

Let me know what do you think about my choices. 

Love you all!
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Oversized Midi Shift Dress

Print Knee Length Hoodie Dress

Long Sleeve Striped Embroidery Shirt Dress

Mesh Panel Flounced Mini Dress