Monday, January 30, 2017

Busy Day

How are you girls? How did you spend this day? I was working on many collabs and than I make some time for myself, so I can enjoy in this amazing day, that was a head of me. This was my look for today. I hope that you like that, and that you maybe have something to say about it. :)


Friday, January 27, 2017

Every Day Look

Hi there! Here is my every day cozy look. I really like to play with style and everything, but when I am in hurry and I do not have enough time I just grab my cozy sweater and some jeans and I am ready to go and do things things that must be done.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bridal Fashion Trends for 2017

As we start 2017 with promises to celebrate love, it seems that petticoat wedding gowns have handed their respective first place to free-falling and body fitting wedding dresses. This also leaves room for many new and interesting trends when it comes to bridal fashion in 2017. If your big day is scheduled for this year and you still haven’t made up your mind about perfect gown, keep on reading.

High necklines

Bodices with sweetheart neckline seem to be the thing of the past. New trends in wedding fashion are all about high and intricate necklines. The diversity of options makes this style perfect for different body types as well as wedding themes. From elegant boat necklines to embroidered collars and lacey mock turtlenecks, the texture of the wedding dress is accentuated more than ever.

All over lace

Lace as a detail has been vastly popular when it comes to bridal fashion, but this year has taken lace trend on a whole new level. Basically, dresses that are entirely made of lace are now synonymous to dreamy fairy tale weddings. It’s also a huge spring trend in fashion. Of course, it may seem that lace all over will uncover too much skin, but contemporary designers took care of this problem as well. Skin color fabrics that keep the lacey embroidery together truly achieve an elegant yet magical look in a wedding gown.

The beauty of a siren

Siren wedding dresses also hold their top place in bridal trends for 2017. These are especially flattering on hourglass and curvy body types. What makes these dresses so attractive and popular is the sleek and simple form of the top dress part that accentuates all the right places. The true magic though is focused on the dress flare around the knees. Depending on your preferred style, you can choose dresses with really long or a bit shorter tail that’s decorated with beautiful details and ornaments.

Half Siren and all over lace together

It’s not all about white and ivory

In recent years, there has been a burst of color among bridal trends. And while nothing can beat the elegance and glamour of ivory wedding shoes, brides-to-be seem to be intrigued by the colorful gown trend. Bold colors are no longer something unusual for a wedding dress, but the true inspiration for bridal fashion in 2017 lies in pastel colors. Mint green, baby blue, delicate pink and soft yellow are definitely the part of a the hot trend to look into if you wish your wedding to be on a more unconventional side.

Fabulous hair pieces

The veil has made its comeback at the beginning of 2017 and it seems that it’s here to stay. Regardless of your dress design, wearing a really long veil embellished with lace and flowers is truly one of the cutest and most welcomed trends this year. However, veil is not the only hair piece that can make your bridal look gorgeous. Statement flower pieces and wide brim hats have took the world by storm. There’s nothing wrong with delicate and simple hair embellishments, but this year’s trend comes with a strong message for hair décor – the flashier the better.

Organizing and preparing for your wedding day can be as much stressful as it is fulfilling. Therefore, you should focus your attention on you and everything that makes you happy. If this means that your dream wedding includes unique themes and venues, definitely go for it. Still, never settle for something less when it comes to your bridal look. Search for the perfect dress, shoes and accessories may take a while but it will be worth it. So, make sure that you schedule your dress fittings well beforehand and enjoy yourself in the process. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Hello girls! This days I am really busy whit all blogger and student stuff, but I love it. You all know how I like to share my love for fashion with you, now it is on another level. I woke up really early to shoot this outfits for you. :) I am in love with this photos and expressly with this jacket. I looooove the color so much! I used to hate damin jackets, but this one is so pretty. I went for a bigger size, because I love baggy things..they can make you more fashionable then you can think.

Damin jacket - HERE

Choker - HERE

Saturday, January 21, 2017

SOFIA 2017 *New Year

Hi there. I want to make a spacial post about my trip to Bulgaria. For New Year my sister and her friends want in Sofia with me. It was amazing time there, I loved it. I see Sofia as one amazing city and really perfect space in city center which makes it so bread tacking. I loved snow which was something cool because I do not have snow in my town during winter. I saw that this city has a couple of really good malls which is perfect for someone like me. I had amazing time and I will be back for sure.

Did you ever been there or you maybe live in that city?

Sweater - HERE

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Hi girls! You know that I shared so much interesting news with you, so here is another one. I want to show you this awesome site OKdress, where you can find great dresses for every occasion. I am someone who did not wear dress on Prom, but I have a little sister and she already search PROM DRESS 2017 for that one dress in which she will fall in love. We went thought the whole site together and this is my favorite once. So as you all know that you can see so many categories and it is really difficult if you do not know what exactly you want. In that case here I am showing you my favorite PROM DRESS UK.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Exclusive Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Satin with Ruffles Sweep Train Red Backless Prom Dresses #UKM020103768

Hi guys! Today I will share with you new website MillyBridal. I wanted to show you a couple of dresses that I really like from the their website. You can find so many great dresses if you have planed exactly what would you like to wear on your Prom. So here are some of pretty once - Long Prom Dresses I love this kind of dresses and you can see bellow which is my favorite one. The next is Short Prom Dresses which is new trend. I saw so many girls rocking this tip of dresses on they Prom night. 
I am in love with long dresses, because it seems more girly than any kind of dress can be.
I see great once here, so you can see that any of those that I pick are long,
just because I find it amazing.

What do you think about my favorite once?
Comment bellow and let me know.

Ivory Chiffon with Appliques Lace Scoop Neck Open Back Unique Prom Dresses #02017378

Amazing Princess V-neck Tulle Appliques Lace Court Train Open Back Prom Dresses #UKM020103499

Stunning A-line High Neck Chiffon Beading Sweep Train Two Piece Open Back Prom Dresses #UKM020103591

A-line V-neck Velvet Split Front Sweep Train Dark Navy Long Sleeve Sexy Prom Dresses #UKM020103590

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Crop Top Hoodie

Hi there. Today I want to show you my all time favorite hoodie. It is as you already saw, a crop top hoodie with amazing text on it. I love to wear it with this light jeans and some snickers. I love this casual look.


Friday, January 6, 2017


Women Ladies Vintage Wool Felt Flat Wide Brim Top Cap British Retro Hatband Jazz Hat

Hi guys! Tomorrow is my Christmas and I wanted to make some wishes from this well known site. It is BANGGOOD site where you can find so many good stuff. I am not so much into technology so I decide to go for some accessories and one cute shirt.

Did you found something interesting?

Elegant Silver Gold Plated Pearl Rhinestone Ear Clip Earring Women Jewelry    HERE

Cute Glass Bottle Bubble Dandelion Stud Earrings Jewelry      HERE

Italina Rhinestone Crystal Ear Cuff Earrings 18K Rose Gold Plated       HERE

Sexy Double Layers Gold Pearl Cross Bikini Body Chain Necklace Women         HERE

Sexy Women Summer Strap Flower Printing Chiffon Irregular Tank Top                         HERE