Monday, January 2, 2017

Inflatable-Zone * Zarb Ball - hands down !

Hi! Today I thought that would be nice to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the best in life, with some nice ideas that I want to share with you. So you already know that I get in touch with many brands, so this is one of those. Today I want to show you something that you for sure already saw, it is Inflatable-Zone!
They started in 2008 and and up as leading company and the share-issuing enterprise within manufacture and marketing. It has great support of experienced stuff, advanced technology and heat-welding machines. This company have provide various professional services along with responsible after-sale service and so many other things that you can find on they page.
Inflatable-Zone has to offer so many cool stuff, some of those are Babble Soccer, Bumper Ball or Loopy Balls. The most amazing fact about them is that they export-oriented and approved by their costumers for all around the world.

Just like you probably know I am not sport tip of person, so I do not like to run of do whatever that can make me sweat, but this looks kind fun. I was on they site almost whole night, manly because I really like what they have to offer, but only problem in my case is that I do not have space for this stuff. I think that you should have one of those if you have a really big garden and you can fill it this dope items and whit all in fun time. I can imagine how this looks to kids, when as a 22 years old see this as something amazing, which I think that really is. But I always have that question who it stays that strong whole time. It is my main think, but maybe when I give it the try, maybe I will get my questions answered.
Now on my couple of favorite once, here we have Bubble-Soccer which is pricey and some kind wired. But here is what I know about it: this bubble-soccer is for soccer really but it keeps players stack in it, which makes it harder to play, and leaves players to fall safely.
Next one is Cheap Zorb Ball and this is my favorite one! So I love it because it is cheap as I mentioned before. But what you do inside this ball is super cool!!! You go inside and roll down the hill..tell me how dope is it?!! LOVE IT!

 guys it is insane you need to see it!!!
Tell me how you can not be in love with that amazing piece of whatever you want to call it!


  1. Beautiful post!

  2. Great stuff :)

  3. That looks like SO much fun! I've always wanted to try out the orbs that you jump in and roll down a hill with! Happy New Year!
    x Kenzie//

  4. this looks fun!!
    happy New Year!!

  5. Happy New Year!
    Wow, it looks relly fun <3


  6. This seems so funny :D Happy new year :D

  7. Amazing pics, it looks really fun! :) - novi blog ♥

  8. That second photos made my jaw drop! This is absolutely fascinating and I am still trying to decide if I could live like that LOL! Thanks for sharing mama.

    Dakota D.
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