Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Make Up Tools

 Hello! Today I share my experience with you, all about this products.
*So we have STAND for my sponge and any girls who has it know how hard is to find the perfect space to hold it, so this is one amazing thing that I ever bought. 
*Next one is this GREAT BRASH that I freaking love!! This is the best brash for contour your face. It is really good and the price is pretty low. Is nice quality and I use it all the time,
*The last one, but for sure not least BRASH CLEANER saved my life and my face for sure. :D
I could not clean my brash good enough and fast as I did with these once that I will show you in the pictures bellow. I use it every week and it does the job every time the same as the first time. I do not know if you saw something like that earlier but you must buy it if you did not, cuz it is so good and last forever.


  1. Good pictures I have the brush cleaning tool and is very good


  2. Great stuff :)


  3. I seriously want that for my makeup brushes.

  4. веерная кисть уже давно меня интересует