Saturday, April 21, 2018


Hey there. 
I am up this morning and in the mood for this cool new post that we are all exited to read. *lol* 
And yes, this is me after the longest time that I posted photos of myself wearing some items that I got and that I love so much! This shirt is so damn cool, and I wear it with literally everything. Also I am so sorry but I forgot where I got it from. If anyone knows please share it here in comments bellow.

I hope that you like it.


Wednesday, April 18, 2018


The trend is not just let all girls not fit in. Now is time where girls of all sizes and shapes are in, and have space in the fashion corner. What is most important is that it is up all over this industry and nobody will ever shame you based on your size and look. So in that tone we have ROSEGAL and they section for this tip of girls. Thinking about that as amazing addition to all of that have to offer us as costumers and fashion lovers.
CLICK MORE to see more offers that they have and to add some of items to your wardrobe. Because as I saw they have some great things to offer and that is so dope, in order to allow all of us to have same fashion space and to keep up with trend. 
This is just a couple things that I added here, just because this section as swimwear is not so spacious and most of girls are not aware or maybe even open about that fact that we all can show our body and unbreast the fact that every body shape is something that is for the fact part of us and we need to be proud that we are how we are no matter what. SEE MORE DETAILS about it and share with us all of your experience in this field and items that comes with this site and plus size category.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Shop Plus Size Crew Neck Graphic Long Sweatshirt

Today we are up to ROSEGAL and I will inform you and 
share with you stuff that I really like from this site that you all know we talked about before. 
This is offer that has so many items to choose from. Nobody has to say that he do not need this kind of hoodies or anything that is included in here, because they really do, and most of us does have all of this in they wishlist or they get it because it is must.
With all of that being said, I will add this, so you can easily go HERE and look through it and find great fit for you. Also there you can find whole outfit. Just like I will do it here in this post. So with this amazing and everyday hoodie dress, I would put this jacket over it. Can you imagine? It would be absolutely cool. This jackets you can SHOP HERE and add to your addition one more cool item that goes with everything.

Hot Leather Zipper Panel Plus Size Draped  Blazer

And of course if you are not that tip of girl, or you are just in the mood for something new and different, there you go SHOP HERE. As I said there you can see that even prices are pretty good, and all of that is so affordable and goes with everyday trends.
No need for crazy looks or just because of that crazy looks that you want to add to your fashion life and your style, just click there and find look that you had in mind for a less money then you probably would pay anywhere else. And yes, they have great deal whit in each season. So just try and let me know if you find something for yourself or you maybe already had some items from this site, and have and want to share your opinion on this topic. I would like to know how was your experience with Rosegal, because mine was great.