Tuesday, October 23, 2018

To you!

Not every single one of us felt life in the same way. Neither we felt the same love after all.
Maybe someone has something that other have, but all we have to have, we already breath in.
The life is a long journey and we need to go easy, maybe smart, but who knows where is the brain when heart starts off. Every story is different and every human also. We always go through something less pleasant in every step of the time, but we also survive. Because we are must survive.
Hard times make us strong or they destroy us, there you have your time to choose.
Do not act a certain way, live it. Live like you wanna live, do not let others tell you what or how to do things maybe you do not wanna do. Live life for yourself.
Love! I never believed in it, just because I never understood it, for sure I still don't, but love.
Start with what you see in the mirror and then go on. 
I never loved people. I never felt good with a lot of people who I do not know, and that leads to fact that I don't surround myself with many of them, because I do not let them to enter in my life.
Be aware that you are the only one who is stopping you on your way.
Things you wanna achieve  you can, only if you let yourself achieve. No one can stop you if you really want something in life.
Do not be stupidly strong and let your self free of the things that do not have a place in your life, and that is one step ahead. Be honest with your soul and cut off people and everything else that make your life hard and misty. Let your self breath. I did.